Overland Expo 2012 - May 19th

In short, the best merger of automobiles and the outdoors that I have ever had the pleasure of attending. This is a must attend for 2013.  My only regret was not wearing enough sunblock and only being there for 27 hours. Much of the day went like .."OMG there's a Defender 110 diesel, over there is the Turtle Expedition, check out that XP camper, EarthRoamer, GEV, Mog, Diesel JK Jeep conversion, or Rally Fighter...  Wait... I've read this other guys blog for the last 6 months, let's go talk to them..."  It was surreal to see in person the people behind many of the daily Expedition Portal forum/blogs that I read.  Additional PLUS - Monica is now fully vested in the trip, as demonstrated today, when I received an offer to an Executive MBA program for the Fall that she promptly dismissed.  Enjoy the Pics here, but see the official thread on ExPo.

Will's Massive Lift

The Turtle Expedition

Jeep Diesel Conversion

XP Camper detail

XP Camper detail
XP Camper

Local Motors - Rally Fighter

Central & S America Panel - Scott Brady, James from No Limit



CAMPTEQ Awning detail

Panel Discussion - Chris Scott
And Home...