Gear Review #2: Titan Straps

Length: 25" (63.5 cm)
Weight: 2.4oz ( 4.25g)
Load: 206 lbs (93kgs) @ 71.6 F
Price: we paid 3x $7.99/strap plus shipping
Quirks: The strap is meant to fold over itself (as compared to a typical belt bucket), as show below
Made in USA - Bozeman, MT

These polyurethane straps are handy to hold a variety of our gear together.  We are most likely going to use them to hold and retain our coiled power extension cord and marine water hose.  Might try to use them as a quick strap for the awning.  Initial impressions are that these guys are well built, with additional rubber material built around the eyelets or buckle holes. We'll let you know how they hold up, but I suspect they'll last a long time and are inexpensive (my favorite).