How To: Scepter Water Can Portable Camp Shower

With the departure deadline looming, we had to add a camp shower quick.  Originally, I planned on adding a Helton Heat Exchanger with chassis mounted water tanks next to my aux fuel tanks.  It looks like neither is going to come to fruition in the next week, so I scoured and found what looks to be a promising hot portable water shower system. Bonus: it fits in Jerry can holders, has a pressure release valve, built-in shower head holder, and it can be refilled in place and without removing the red lid.

Whats needed:

  • Scepter Water Can 20L (10L probably works as well) - $45
  • RL PRO Model 996P Powered by Solo weed sprayer from Home Depot - $29
    • (Note: This may be discontinued going forward, look at the pic of the scepter threads and red lid threads when searching for an alternative)
  • Hose Barb Adapter - 3/8" barb & 3/8" FIP - $5
  • Shower head with flow valve, and 6'-10' tubing - $18
    • (Note: This shower head came with tubing, there are other alternatives, please see links at the end of the post)

The Scepter does bulge a bit but seems fine, I did however order a

Portable 12V DC Powered Water Pump & Shower Unit

RESOURCES: Camp Showers/ Scepter Water Cans