Safety Abroad: Part 1 - Mexico

As most overlanders' already know, the question of safety is often the first question people ask when learning about our trip.  While generalities like "South America is dangerous" and "Mexico is a terrible place right now", are often wrong, so are the assumptions that nothing bad can happen while travelling. Hasn't everybody seen NatGeo's Locked Up Abroad?  Thus, a cautious approach is what we have decided and prudently created a couple of ground rules.
  • no driving at night
  • no driving over 65MPH
  • avoid crowded areas but also avoid desolate areas where we are alone
  • modify routes based on the newest and best info we can find of areas prone to issues
  • have code words and signals for each other to BUG Out of situations.
  • additional OPSEC measures

Also, here are a few good resources we have used in our planning:

GLOBAL ALERT MAP - Earthquakes, Epidemics, Fires, Hurricanes, etc.

While I have been to Mexico over a hundred times without issue, it's mainly been to the states of Sonora, Baja Norte, Baja Sur, or to the Yucatan (all relatively safe). However, I have found that the simple rule of not doing things you wouldn't in the States or being in areas (that you also wouldn't if they were in the US) after dark, will get you through majority of the time.  

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