How to: Limb Risers / Bush Wires / Branch Deflectors

Note: the wash cloths drying

As we have struggled to make it North before the weather turns, I haven't posted as much in the last few weeks.  Apologies all around and without further adieu; Limb Risers.  What's a limb riser? It helps branches on overgrown trails up and over your windshield and roof rack without all the bashing (allegedly).  If you can not be bothered with making them, they can be found at Front Runner Branch Deflectors.  Super nice, but something similar can be had for less than half the price on your own.  There are many ways of attaching with or without a bull bar or roof rack, but with, is the easiest. You may only do one side (for a snorkel) or need different combos of the below parts.

You'll need:

  1. plastic/vinyl coated steel cable
  2. SS turnbuckles or SS Springs
  3. Saddle Clamps
  4. P-clamps, shaft collars, drilled eye-bolts, or conduit hangers
  5. Thimbles and/or aluminum crush pieces for the cable
  6. SS eye bolts
  7. Carabiners - to quickly remove for hood access
Step 1 - Basically rough measure the amount of cable you'll need (8-9 ft/side).
Step 2 - Determine how you want to attach to the bull bar and rack. options include P-clamps, shaft collars, drilled eye-bolts, or conduit hangers.
Step 3 - Allow for slack and stretching of cable, as well as shock loads to the cable.  I will be trying different combos of turnbuckles and springs and report back.  This hopefully addresses the two greatest dangers by doing this mod; (one) that too much body flex on one side while 4wd will rip the hardware apart, and (two) that if you hit a branch that won't budge, you'll have given yourself enough leeway to back up before the branch snaps back and bashes the windshield.
Step 4 - Cut extra cabling away
Step 5 - Paint, Heat wrap, or protect any shiny parts or places that contact your bodywork
Step 6 - Enjoy the test drive in the boonies

Optional :
Split collar shaft (opt. 1 & opt. 2) w/ welded eye bolt
Shrink wrap the connections
Paint or Plasti-dip

Courtesy of
 Search Amazon for P-clamp


Dual use bonus; they can also be used as a short clothes drying line.