CA Coast & San Simeon

300 deg. shot from San Simeon toward the ocean

After Lake Isabella, we headed to San Simeon State Park to camp, and while expensive to camp, well worth the beach access. I've driven by "The Ranch" before but never had the chance to take the tour ($40/person = ouch). Hearst Castle is most certainly worth the effort and even more so if you have some background on the history. The tours are all separate and cost accordingly.  If you want to see it all, plan on the whole day, or two. We only did the "Great Rooms" tour, as the road and our dogs were waiting.

Stay tuned for some GoPro video we took cruisin up the PCH. SPOILER - it's mostly me going frustratingly slow behind some terrible cars with fleeting moments of automotive bliss.

Found this dangling under the car, another surprise leftover from Mesa Muffler