On the Road Again

So our blog is seriously behind, but we are hitting the road again, heading south through Mexico, Central America and South America.  This portion of our journey will take us around 8 months, that is unless we absolutely fall in love with a place. Let's hope that our transmission worries will float away (like metal shavings in the pan) when we get Baja bound tonight. FYI - the Mexican consulate has moved in Phoenix to 3rd St and McDowell and the Banjercito is only open from 8am-12pm. Don't get there at 12:15pm on a work day and expect too much.

We'll be heading down Baja for the next week and then will take the ferry from La Paz to Mazatlan.  We are volunteering with the Muskoka foundation in early December, helping at an orphanage and school in Guanajuato, Mexico.  We are trying to incorporate as many service opportunities as possible while we travel.  When we're finished with volunteering we will be doing the Maya "End of the World" Rally!(www.expeditionportal.com). If any other overlanders want to join in the end of the world party on December 21st, we can send you the super secret location where we'll be celebrating. 

We're leaving several days behind "schedule" due to some car issues related to the transmission.  If you know Jeff, and I guess I'll take some blame too, "schedule" is a term that should be avoided with us.  We're just happy to be able to hit the road and we'll handle whatever unfortunate car issues as they occur.  

We're sad to leave our friends and family for such a long time, however knowing that our parents have trips planned to Playa del Carmen and Costa Rica, make the distance easier.  We saved 2 seats in the back, so friends, plan your vacation days accordingly.  Sadly, our courageous 5 pound companions will not be joining us as we head south. They'll continue to enjoy their towers of fleece blankets and the comforts of a home.  If they got into any street fights south of the border, it would be pretty clear who would win.  

Wish us luck and keep us posted about the exciting events in your lives.