We waved goodbye to our families as we left Jeff’s parent’s house.  Although the car isn’t in tip-top shape, we decided we had done everything we could at this point and that we would manage any problems if they arise.  This time leaving our homes was different.  We would be heading towards the unknown for an undecided amount of time, leaving the comforts of home and our loving friends and family.  Excited, overwhelmed, sad and a cocktail of other emotions about what we have been planning for months and that we are finally off. 

We drove to San Felipe, Baja Norte, crossing the border through Mexicali. We had gone to the Mexican consulate in Phoenix earlier that day, so crossing the border with importing the car was easy, taking maybe 30 minutes.  We heard that you could complete the car importation in La Paz, if you are taking the ferry to the mainland, however this service stopped, so if driving down the Baja and are planning on taking the ferry over, make sure to complete the paperwork at the border crossing.  We met some people that had to fly to Tijuana from La Paz to take care of this.  We finally got to do some beach camping, which I wish we got to do more of.  

The drive down the Baja took us only 3 nights, which we would have preferred to do over a few weeks.  We had to make it in time to get to Guanajuato though to volunteer.  Luckily we were able to fit in some sunrises and sunsets over the ocean and a full day of off-roading near Mike’s Sky Ranch, which was a very pleasant, unplanned surprise.  A decent meal and a mattress was needed after 8 hours of four wheeling.

The next day we continued south to Conception Bay, passing by so many beautiful places, wishing we had more time to explore and relax.  

We woke up early and heading towards La Paz, hoping to make our reservation.  We were told to arrive 3 hours before the 3pm departure, and we arrived in Jeff and Monica style, 1 hour before departure.  Luckily we had made the reservation, or we were told we would not have made it on.  Later we found out other people had arrived at 9a that day.  I guess we lucked out.  We opted for TMC Ferry, aka the Trucker Ferry.  I was one of 3 females on the ship, the food was far from good, and our neighboring truck was filled with live goats, but we enjoyed being able to stay with our truck.  20 hours later we had arrived in Mazatlan, ready for our drive to Guanajuato.