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Part wanderlust, part disillusion with corporate bureaucracy,  this couple from Scottsdale, Arizona (over?)pack a Landcruiser and drive to the ends of the earth.

We completed the first leg in 2013 from AZ to Prudhoe Bay to Panama. 2013 - 2015 We did an AZ to Maine roadtrip with a stop at OXE 2014, Local trips to Southern Utah, Mexico, and another rip to the tip of Baja.  In late 2015, we shipped a converted diesel 80 Series on to South America. What started as just the Panamerican highway, we finally completed 80,000 approximate miles from the top of the Americas, to the tip in late 2016. Now back home in Arizona, we are working toward the next adventures to come. Please feel free to contact us along your way for rally's, events, volunteering opportunities, festivals, or a simple hello.

Jeff & Monica



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Our 1997 LX450 at Overland Expo East 2014

Our 1997 LX450 at Overland Expo East 2014


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